Meet The Team 


The combination of the director’s expertise and passion for maritime heritage creates a unique formula that has directly contributed towards the growth and development of Lynher CIC in the past 8 years.

Dom and Barbara

Dominic and Barbara Bridgman were introduced to Lynher when they lived next to her in Cremyll. Having passed the laid up hull every day, they began to research the Tamar barges. After realising the historical significance of these vessels, it was clear that Lynher should be restored to her former beauty.

Both Dom and Barbara have considerable experience as sail training operators on historic ships. In the past three decades they have worked for various sail training charities and successfully managed a number of projects. During the years they have taught a host of trainees, some of them now expert seafarers and boatbuilders themselves!

Debbie Risborough FCCA

CEO of Cornwall Community Accountancy Service with over 15 years experience in the NGO sector and another 20yrs experience in commercial business. Debbie is our treasurer and has considerable knowledge in company law and finances. Debbie has travelled extensively to provide humanitarian help to women in remote parts of the world, from Nepal to Africa. Her charitable work involves teaching local women how to start and operate small community enterprises with their own resources and skills in order to survive and increase their confidence within an underdeveloped setting. Debbie has supported Lynher CIC from the onset, sharing with our community a passion for boats. So we are delighted that, recently, Debbie has become the proud owner of a 26ft sailing boat and she is preparing to spend many happy moments afloat!

Hannah Hurford

Hannah Hurford has extensive experience in the UK maritime heritage industry. She has worked in both maritime museums and on operational vessels. Hannah first sailed on Lynher as a SHTP2 Trainee with National Historic Ships. Since then she has worked in the sail cargo industry – spreading the word through communications and marketing. She has been a panelist on the Diversity and Inclusion Forum set up by National Historic Ships and on a Young Trustee panel at the Heritage Alliance’s Heritage Day 2023. Hannah is currently undertaking an MA in Heritage Theory and Practice at Plymouth University. She is co-host of the Off Watch Podcast and is a Trustee at the Maritime Heritage Trust. From December 2023, Hannah will be Exeter’s Heritage Harbour Development Officer..we wish Hannah all the best in her new position.

Volunteers and Crew

From refits to social media, there are a host of people that are essential to Lynher and the organisation. Without these dedicated and passionate people joining the project as it developed, Lynher would not be floating today.

Interested in becoming a volunteer or part of the team?

In the picture above from left to right: Sarah, Barbara, Simon, Dominic, Rich, Chris, Aidan, Ben, Rob and Phil.