The Gymnasium

Built in 1899, the Gymnasium was originally called the Impregnable Drill Shed and was owned by the Royal Navy. Today, the Gymnasium is used as a maritime hub with the aim to:

  • Promote local maritime heritage.
  • Engage and encourage new people in the industry through sharing knowledge and delivering training.
  • Support other community projects.

History of the Gymnasium

This building was originally termed the ‘Impregnable Drill Shed’. The training ship Impregnable was anchored off Cremyll close by and a Drill Shed was a common term for training buildings for Navy officers, sailors and marines. The training school eventually closed in 1948.

The school in Cremyll then took over the building and it became the Gymnasium. Several people born in Cremyll in the 1950s and 1960s remember playing games and exercising in the Gymnasium as part of their school day.

When the school shut in the 1980s, the Gymnasium was leased by neighbouring Mashfords boatyard. It was used to work Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) until 2018, when the lease expired.

In 2019, Lynher CIC took over the premises, thanks to the support of the Earl of Edgcumbe.