Community impact

The Lynher River Barge CIC and its Directors have a particular interest in the imaginative reuse and development of heritage assets to meet the new and ever evolving social, cultural and economical challenges faced by all modern communities. To this end, we are working with a number of educational organisation and establishments, including the Plymouth School of Creative Arts.

Using the theme of Sustainability on the Water, the children learn how to use tools, source sustainable material and plan the build or repair of a boat as a means of transport for both people and cargo. The ongoing conservation of the barge is enabling local young people to learn the skills required to operate safely and enjoy our waterways whilst exploring their maritime heritage. In order to help the parents to engage in outdoors activities with their children, Lynher CIC partners with other water-sports centres in Plymouth to deliver the Sport England funded project “Making Waves Together”  This project is based along the module of the “River School” and its aim is to engage families to embrace a healthier lifestyle outdoors and on the water.

The Mayflower Dinghy Class – Made in Plymouth

On a different note, below is a brief history of the ‘Mayflower’ dinghy class. Every boat carries a story, some more interesting then others. Classic designs have a special way to draw interest and the ‘Mayflower’ dinghy class is particularly relevant as part of Plymouth Maritime’s heritage.


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The Firefly Project

Autumn 2015 saw the launch of The Firefly Project. A group of students in Y8&Y9 restored two wooden Firefly dinghies within the school’s technical department. in June 2018 they finally launched them and learn to sail on the boats that they restored. It was an amazing success and a great boost for these students’ confidence and self esteem, after 3 years of work where they also fundraised to buy some of the material required for the project. Now in Y12 and past their GCSE exams, some students have returned to continue the ongoing maintenance work. Grace and Sachlin are keen to get back on the water. By using the correct PPE and distance form each other, they can progress with their work and enjoy a good life balance during the Covid19 crisis.

The River School

The River School expands the concept of education outside the classroom by providing educational packages to schools on the Plymouth waterways. We are working with Social Enterprise Networks and Educational Partnerships to achieve this goal.

Lynher CIC is currently developing learning material to provide educational workshops afloat to classrooms of primary and secondary school children. For more Information contact us.

Lynher’s community impact

Watch the video of re-launch of Lynher on 7th May 2017 in order to understand how a working boat from 1896 can draw together communities from South East Cornwall to Plymouth, united by a passion for this rich area’s Maritime heritage and a wish to transmit traditional seamanship skills to their children